Rincon Ascending

This piece was commissioned by the forward thinking owners of Agave Builders in Durango Colorado for the entrance to their new subdivision.

I built the steel structure inside the living room of an abandoned house on the property with the assistance of my brother MIke who is a professional union welder. We stoked the fireplace with the kitchen cabinets and stair railings to keep warm during the winter.

We threw a big party for the extraction, lifting the piece up through the roof to the accompaniment of Rock and Roll. Susan made me an Elton John suit for the occasion…Editors addendum… Shortly before Jeff was scheduled for oral surgery, witnesses state that Jeff, attired in his Rocketman suit, lept through the sculptures central vortex and hasn’t been seen since.

17’ H x 10’ W x 9’ D  installed in 2019

Behind the Scenes Video