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Jeff Glode Wise - Modern Art Sculpture in Colorado

Sculpture in my Soul

Eluding the grasp of gravity through balance defines the starting point for my work. My imagery draws inspiration from the movement of birds, Mayan Stelae, curling waves and smoke. My pieces are frequently transparent metal grids, casting undulating shadows which shift and dance. I’ve always had a compulsion to make things and I enjoy the process of creation and problem solving as much as I do the finished work.

My figurative work represents people transformed through circumstance, altering and shifting their perspective and the viewers perception. In the case of “the Elemental Human” I wanted to create a being which transcends the strictly human, someone of a possibly interstellar origin and certainly a polyethnic one. The sculpture resonates and echoes the songs of the stars.

Jeff glode wise art gallery

Jeff Glode Wise Art Gallery